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App Development

How do we Invoice for App Development

App development can never have a set price. If we used templates, this would probably work, but we don't. Each App is designed from the ground up to specifically suit our customer's requirements.

App development can range anything from R 15 000.00 to R 250 000.00 depending on the features, the amount of work and if a back-end system is required or not. Integration to a current system takes a lot more effort and thus will cost more and may even require a collaboration between your IT department and us.

Talk to us first - you might just be pleasantly surprised.  

PS. Our last few apps have been invoiced at R 30 000 - R 55 000 and are reasonably complex.

System Integration

How do we Integrate a System

Should you be interested in an Integration, please contact us.

We will meet with you as soon as possible to discuss this, look at your needs and technology and then give you an honest opinion and quote for you to consider.


Need a Website or a Refurbishment ? 

If you have a tired website and need someone to spruce it up, or need an entirely new site, then we would like to be your go-to partner.

Website, such as these below, range from R 5000.00 to R 17500.00, dependant on functionality, hosting type and a few other considerations.