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Some Information on Our Apps

How we do it, What we use to code and What we can do

We are actually a strange bunch with a diverse set of skills.

Our main function is creating Apps for both iOS and Android, with varying degrees of complexity, security and function. It all depends on you, our customer, as to what the requirement is.

We have coded apps that use RESTful API's, together with MQTT and Firebase  messaging, collecting data from a MySQL backend using jRDC2 and saving incidental data locally with a synchronised backup to an online CKVS service.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have done an app that sends motivational message every so often, that is wrapped around a fully integrated Loyaly Program.

One of our latest projects has location awareness built in and will determine where the device is in relation to the environment and report back any accidents on incidents on a particular section of road.  Track and Trace neither scares us or is a problem implementing, from Barcodes to Satellite Tracking and everything in between.

And if you need a beautiful, functional Website, we can create that too without a problem.

We use a number of tools.

These include:
B4A - for Android Native Development

B4i - for iOS (iPhone and iPad) development

B4j - for Java based development for Desktops and Servers running on Windows, Linux, Mac Os, Web Apps and GUI-less Raspberry Pi's

B4R - for Development and Programming of the Arduino and ESP 8266/ESP32 family.

phpRunner - for the development of Web Based Systems with php as a basis

We prefer to use MySQL as a database engine, but will also consider MSSQL or one of the other flavours of SQL if you, our client requires this.

For MQTT Based systems, we have our own server and we make use of the Google Firebase Server for Push Notifications 

We are IoT and 4th Industrial Revolution Evangelists

If you require a powerful Off Site Server to server all your needs, we can help at very reasonable prices.

How do we Create an App for You

This includes Systems and Websites 

So you have an idea for an App, System or Website ?

Let us know about it by filling in the Contact Form below, give us some information and we will contact you and setup an appointment to discuss your requirements. 

Once we have agreed on the Scope of the project and the technologies to be used, we will then provide you with an obligation free quote for your consideration.

Should you accept our quote, we will require a 50% Mandate Deposit after which we will commence with development in the agreed time frame. Once we have completed, the App or system, we will publish the App or commision the system and then the last amount becomes due. In most cases, our customers elect to pay us a retainer for any minor upgrades and hosting fees there after.

Some of our Many Apps

This is some of our apps and systems we have created and are currenlty working on.


List your business for a low monthly fee. 


Ridgebacks Pub in Centurion. Notifies patrons of Specials, manages the Loyalty System and displays the menu.

Chili Kuti Africa

This is an App that show cases several countries in Africa, what they have to offer, accommodation, Points of Interest and several other interesting features


CLA provides alternative innovative modules in a customizable toolkit. All messages published through any of the CLA modules are delivered to the intended audience via a priority channel ensuring that the message is read and remembered.

MasterDrive Driver Training 

An app that show cases MasterDrive as well as sends Push Notifications, publishes their news letter and allows you to book a course online amongst other features

MasterDrive Cell Free

An app that, once you have set it up, will automatically block all calls and messages whilst driving unless those calling are on your Favourites list, or you are connected to your cars bluetooth

Cuba Lounge

Show cases Cuba Lounge and also manages various promotions and Loyalty Programs

Cherge Check

Do you have a Koi Pond, a patient on oxygen perhaps and need to know that the power is still on ?
This app will warn you of any drop in power at home.
Requires and old smartphone plugged into a charger. 

Truck Loads

An app for the Long Distance Trucking Community to facilitate full loads, safe overnights and reporting of incidents for the benefit of fellow community members.

Product Scan and Compare

Ever gone into a Supermarket and wondered what a product costs elsewhere, or what it's nutritional value is ? This app assists with this and also keeps a running total of your trolley so that you are not embarrased at the tills. 

Neighbourhood Watch

An app to assist with patrollers, look outs and incident reports for your Neighbourhood watch as well as reporting of potholes, dead lights etc.


Designed specifically to run together with an in-house smartwatch for the Elderly or Dementia/Alzheimers patients to provide the interface for a Care Giver for the Tracking and Care of these folks. 

Long Travel SA

Long Travel SA is an app that can be used to book long distance trips by helping you find reliable drivers and get to your destination safely. Drivers and Hikers can connect with each other, you can rate your driver or hiker, calculate your trip fare and view your trips dashboard all directly from your mobile app.

Drain Surgeon

With the Drain Surgeon Mobile app, you can Join our insurance product, Book a Plumber or Electrician, Get Notified of Specials via Push Notifications, Read useful tips on preventing disaster, View products that you can buy and much more.

Your App

Your app here - How about It ?

Your App

Your app here - How about It ?

Your App

Your app here - How about It ?

Your App

Your app here - How about It ?


Shape your future app project with sharp design and refined coded functions.